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   Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises

It has come to your attention that you absolutely need a vacation. Not of the usual sort. A vacation that blows out the cobwebs, jump-starts the spirit, and puts your senses in a state where reality and fantasy trade places.

Imagine the wind, salt spray, and the crisp of sails. A fresh breeze at the rail. And the sea stretching before you, slowing down time. What will you do? Nothing, everything, whatever you like.

Windstar Cruises is an attitude that says more of everything is exactly what you deserve. The spaces that surround you on board are airy and elegant - a mix of natural fabrics and polished woods; crisply luxurious, like someone’s beloved racing yacht.

Windstar Pool

Up on deck, there’s a sunny outdoor pool for cooling off and a hot tub under the luminous evening stars. And throughout, enough quiet corners and intimate retreats for people…to disappear. With a guest list limited to 148 or 312 guests, there is always a place aboard Windstar to call your own.

Even the ships have romantic names; Wind Star, Wind Spirit, Wind Song and Wind Surf.

Go visit the open-air sports platform, and discover snorkeling gear, sailboards, water skis, kayaks and sailboats - all complimentary, of course. Later as the sun shows off again at sunset, music from the piano bar fills the deck. And the casino opens for a lively night of gambling.

Windstar ships are certainly my favorite. Each Windstar ship is nautical in feeling and crisply luxurious. Steel, teak, sailcloth and brass…everywhere a sense of nature pervades; views of the sea are always close at hand.

On board, you’ll discover public rooms which are airy and elegant - lit by skylights, a mix of polished woods and natural fabrics. The bridge is open, almost any time of day.

There you will find the sophisticated computer technology that sends six sails unfurling 204 feet overhead in two minutes, high-tech sensors to trim the angle of the sails, and the computer-controlled automated stabilizing that assures you smooth sailing - as stable and comfortable as much larger ships at sea.

With each ship measuring 440 feet, there is always a peaceful place onboard Windstar to call your own. You might, for instance, spend an afternoon in the ship’s library, pouring over an atlas, reading literary classics, or choosing from an extensive collection of videos and CD’s to take back to your room.

For you, the ultimate pleasure may be a massage or leisurely hours in the salon and day spa. You can re-charge by working out in the well appointed fitness facility. Perhaps you’d like a candlelit table for two in The Restaurant. ( Or have dinner served course by course in your stateroom).

And you’ll find no better place for a midnight stroll than on deck, under a chandelier of stars.

And lose your tie. Windstar has no regimentation. Casual attire, sit with whom you want, when you want - the ultimate in freedom of choice.

Aboard Windstar, you will enjoy an elegant, unobtrusive type of attention. And in your stateroom, a mini-bar stocked daily with fresh juices, sparkling water and wine. The bathrooms are truly luxurious - lined with mirrors and graced with amenities like terry robes, shower, hair dryer, fragrant soaps and plenty of plush towels.

Windstar prides itself in remembering your preferences, and in surprising you with spontaneous acts of kindness. Since it sails under a “tipping not required” policy, this service is unconditional. This is what you might imagine considering they sail with one of the highest crew-to-guest ratios in the cruise industry.

The Windstar ships cruise at a relaxed pace, much of it under sail. Remarkably maneuverable, they are able to anchor in quiet coves and shallow harbours allowing you access to areas not available to the larger, more traditional cruise ships. Windstar offers you an outstanding collection of itineraries to some of the most romantic and captivating places on earth.

Sailing the legendary ports in the Mediterranean, the Greek Isles, the Panama Canal or the Caribbean - you happily trade the “known and familiar” for “strange and amazing” and always return with a wider sense of the world.

Come and feel the rhythm of the oceans, the freshness of the breeze and the brilliance of the sun in a place that truly is 180 Degrees from Ordinary.

Sid Kaplan
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Did You Know?.

CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) 62 cruise line members represent more than 90 percent of global cruise capacity, with 482,000 berths on CLIA Member ships. With more than 22 million people cruising worldwide each year, the cruise industry will invest $25 billion to launch 55 new ships between 2015 and 2020. In 2015, the industry will introduce six new oceangoing cruise ships and 16 new river cruise ships.

Top 2014 Cruise Trends (CLIA)

Rebound in luxury cruising (luxury category ships, onboard upgrades) based on an improving economy and increased consumer confidence

Multigenerational and celebration travel increase for all passenger source markets with larger sized family as well as social/ affinity groups traveling together

Continued development and availability of technology to facilitate and lower the cost of onboard communications as well as to provide more efficient passenger servicing

Expectation of first-time passenger growth driven by the 95 million Millennial generation based on population size and positive experiences cruising with their parents

Cruise lines offering more all-inclusive options and packaging in accommodations, services and amenities for increased ease in booking and ship enjoyment

Cruises increasingly attracting consumers seeking active vacations with extreme excursions, longer stays in ports for sightseeing and high-energy onboard facilities

Seeing the world in comfort and ease, especially exotic locations, will continue to drive new itinerary creation and cruise ship deployment

Hot destinations for 2014 according to CLIA cruise line members include: Trans Pacific, World Cruises, U.S. Rivers, South America, Antarctic, Middle East, Canada/New England, Africa and Exotic Rivers